Car buying without the gamble


UX/UI Design,
Service Design


Kyle Stolcis - Strategist,
Gabi Levi - Brand Manager,
Brit Kern - Experience Designer,
Kelley Bode - Copywriter, Charlotte Simons -  Art Director


Sketch, Keynote

This project won a live client pitch with carvana.


Buying a used car online is risky.
Buying a used car is universally viewed as sketchy, so making that process online adds an extra layer of mistrust and uncertainty. Carvana, the first online used car company can strive to have a customer experience that rises above the games and doesn’t leave customers feeling like they are taking a gamble.


Deliver confidence through transparency.
Rather than a smooth-talking car salesman the language throughout the Carvana car buying process will be clear and easy to understand. Speaking to customers on their level allows them to be in control of what they are buying.


Carvana is for people who do everything on the internet, from buying their groceries to finding a date. They are always on the hunt for new innovations that can improve their life. A previous used car owner or first time buyer who does not want to be influenced or hassled by an in person salesman.

Room for Transparency

Unexplained Pricing
Undisclosed Damage
Unclear Language
Uncertain Delivery

Solves for Delight

Transparent Pricing
Carvana Facts
Spec Translation
Cardian Angel

Transparent Pricing

Price Breakdown
Hover over the info icon to see a breakdown of the Carvana price that is listed.


Car Introduction
Rather than just cold car specs and detail photos, a paragraph introducing the car in plain language is easier to understand and see how it can match you and what you are looking for.

Carvana Facts

Comprehensive Inspection
Carvana Facts includes a checklist of criteria that Carvana found during their inspection that CarFax and AutoCheck missed.

Details & Specs

Spec Translation
To understand a spec the user can hover over it to read the meaning in plain language or if relevant a video demonstrating the action will play.

Cardian Angel

Assigned Ally
On the day of purchase the customer is introduced to their Cardian Angel who is their Customer representative. They can reach out to them with any questions and will be updated about their car both pre and post delivery.


Delivery Scheduling
The customer receives a text when their car is scheduled to be delivered. If their is any delay they are quickly informed with another text.

Delivery Day

Carvana Gong
When the car finally arrives their is a lot of excitement and nerves- is the car what I expected? While waited for the car to be lowered off the truck the customer bangs a gong the symbolize their new ownership.
To make the moment more memorable a polaroid picture is taken to commemorate the first day of ownership and the start of the 7 day trial.

Test Ownership

End of Trial
Instead of getting a cold call from Carvana asking if you are satisfied with your car. Your Cardian Angel, who has been updating you all along, texts you a reminder that they are going to call.


Empathy Map

User Journey

Ideation Workshop


1. Presenting our ideas to the client was exciting and the gave nice feedback.

2. Adding small changes to a website that have large impact to the user experience was a rewarding approach.

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