Spread good vibes a sticker at a time.


Brand Development, UX/UI Design, Prototyping, Illustration


Rachel Zhou - Experience Designer


Figma, Invision, Illustrator, x-acto knife


Life is hard.
The world has grown increasingly cynical, sarcastic and pessimistic. The cycle of coping with negative feeling with more negative feeling just perpetuates the idea that nothing can change. There is a small way to brighten the world. Stickers.


Optimistick is a sticker company that creates wholesome, sincere and optimistic themed sticker packs with a subscription service and downloadable digital stickers.


The Collector:  loves stickers, keeps them in a safe place, has anxiety about using any beloved stickers unless they have duplicates, buys and receives free stickers, likes having a variety of stickers, keeps some stickers and trades others.

The Expressor:  loves to use stickers to express themselves, finds joy in putting them on their belongings, buys and receives free stickers, uses stickers to express themselves, so therefore are more selective.

The Giver:  likes the idea of stickers, finds meaning in them, buys stickers as gifts for others, views stickers as more functional than emotional.
Optimistick is a sticker company that features a monthly subscription with different themed packs for each month.


The home page provides a description of Optimistick's values , a glimpse at the upcoming themed sticker pack, an overview of previous month's packs and an intro to the digital stickers.
1. Optimistick Overview
Informs users about Optimistick's company mission and calls to action joining the subscription service.

2. Upcoming Pack
Users can see what the next themed pack will be before they decided to subscribe.
3. Past Packs
Users click through to see what the past themed packs have been to entice them to subscribe.

4. Digital Stickers + Reviews
Prompts users to download the digital stickers so they can use them on their phones. They can also click through reviews from real subscribers.

Join Optimistick

To join the monthly subscription customers can get a preview of the upcoming moth and choose between a per moth plan or a 12 month plan.
1. Upcoming Pack
On the home page users can click to join Optimistick where they can see next months themed pack.

2. Subscribe
As they make the decision to join, they can chose a 1 month or 12 month subscription. They can click through to view the stickers more closely.
3. Shopping Cart
They review their order and can chose to gift this to a friend.

Digital Stickers

Optimistick offers open source digital versions of the themed stickers. Subscription members get early downloads of the digital stickers.
Sticker Packs

Animal Pals

If they get along then why can't we?

positive space

You are not alone in the universe.

Magic words

Banish bad vibes.

breakfast foods

Start your day bright.
In the wild





Style Guide


1. Every step in the process was a learning moment, from establishing the brand, design the stickers, producing the stickers, and then distributing the stickers.  

2. We wanted to have enough stickers to give each of our classmates one sticker, and we sold the rest to cover our cost of production.  

3.We intend to continue to create new themed issues and develop our own Etsy shop for selling the stickers directly and create digital stickers that can be downloaded.

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