To be human is to be lonely.


Branding, Product Design, UX/UI Design


Sean Johnson- Copywriter, Kymberli Fraser - Art Director


Illustrator, Sketch, 3D printer, x-acto knife, bone folder


Everyone feels lonely sometimes.
We go through a breakup, we move to a new place, we suffer a loss. This type of loneliness is called situational loneliness. It stinks, but it can be dealt with. However, if left untreated, situational loneliness can fester and grow into chronic loneliness and depression, which have much more serious consequences.


The Lonely Company
The Lonely Company was founded to help the lonely get by. The Loneliness Starter Packs are designed to bring a little joy to lonely hearts, along with some coping strategies. The Loneliness Starter Packs won't cure loneliness -- as the name suggests, they’re only a start. But sometimes starting is the hardest part.


Since being lonely is a natural part of being human, The Lonely Company aims to help those suffering from recent loneliness using fun and easy-to-use solutions.  The hope is that the company can pop up in their lives when they need it.  And once they have moved forward in life and gotten past their loneliness, if they ever see someone who is lonely than can gift them with a loneliness starter pack, to help build a cycle of healing and acknowledgement in the community.

Digital Marketing

For when someone is wallowing in sad music.

Digital Marketing

For when someone is not used to eating alone yet so they look up a mukbang to watch while they eat.


Learn more about The Lonely Company. Shop for a loneliness starter pack. View product page and read reviews.

The Break Up Starter Pack

Outside your Loneliness Starter Pack


Each starter pack comes with a booklet that lists the items included and how they can help.

Mixed Feelings Mixtape

Take a musical journey through the five stages of grief.

Relationship Funeral Kit

Memory Incinerators  Set the past on fire: burn love letters and mementos from your ex.

Urn  Collect the ashes of your dead relationship and place them here.

Certificate of Relationship Death   Put it on paper, then put it behind you.

Inside your Loneliness Starter Pack


Insert angsty poetry and other self-expression here.

Tear Removal Devices

Specially designed to absorb your sadness.

Loneliness is Temporary Tattoos

Wear your lonely feelings, then watch them fade. Image 110 . space


Empathy Maps


Future Starter Packs


1. We had intended on making 3 different loneliness starter packs, including classic, breakup and relocation but had to scale back on what we could actually execute.  

2. Making the actual objects allowed for a lot of testing and iteration, which helped give a better sense for how the user would interact with the final product.

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