A personalized universe of deals.


UX/UI Design, Prototyping, Interaction Design


Viviana M. B. - Brand Strategist, Julian Grimes - Strategist, Katie Paxton - Art Director, Brit Kern - Experience Designer, Ainsworth Kerr - Copywriter


Sketch, Keynote, Photoshop

Live client Project


From rational to personal.

UNiDAYS is an essential part of student life in universities all over the world. Established under an identified gap in the market for the digital verification of students by brands wishing to offer incentives.

UNiDAYS wants to be part of students’ daily lives, but students only visit UNiDAYS when they need something. College students are stressed and pressed for time and money. How can UNiDAYS help?


A personalized universe of deals.

The new UNiDAYS creates a personal catalog of deals that are populated based on the brands and interests the user gravitates toward.


UNiDAYS requires new users to provide a college email verification, so the primary users are Gen Z college students, and the secondary users are other college students from different ages groups.  Regardless of age group, all users are going through a tumultuous time where they need to balance school and life, while discovering who they want to become.

Sign Up

Adding a short quiz to the sign up process allows Unidays to present deals that are more relevant to users. Asking users what brands they like also gives direct data to Unidays to support the development of partnerships with brands.
1. Interests
Coupons populate on their home page based on what they are interested in.
2. Goals
Blog content can focus on what current users are most interested in.
3. Brands
Learning what brands they like can help with personalizing their experience and Unidays can use this information to form partnerships with brands.


The home page presents new personalized deal recommendations and a record of saved deals from past browsing. This reduces the time between browsing to activating a deal.
1. Recommendations
Based on the sign up quiz, new recommendations populate.
2. Saved Deals
Deals that they saved from previous visits are collected here to help in finding a relevant coupon faster.


The side navigation helps direct users to where they are in the site. The lightbox allows users to more efficiently checkout a deal and activate the code without having to navigate to several different pages.
1. Main Navigation
Simplified main navigation leads users to a browsing page where they can see all categories in one place.
2. Side Navigation
This allows users easy toggling between categories and a way to always know where they are in a subcategory.
3. Card Design
New coupon cards allow users to save the deal and quick look rather than navigate to a new page.
1. Coupon information
Learn more about the deal and the company.
2. Activate Coupon
Click to activate a newly generated coupon and then copy it to use.
3. Launch Website
Once the coupon is copied they can go straight to the website and start using it.

Site Audit




1. This project had a live client, so UNiDAYS kicked off the project with a Main Ask, and the project ended with multiple teams pitching their ideas.  

2. It was very exciting to get direct feedback from the client, who know the current status of their brand and also has direct insight into where they want the brand to go.  

3. I received validating feedback for the site's user experience, to ensure that my designs where consistent with the UNiDAYS vision for the future.

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